The White Flowers

I am proudly collaborating with the Pandora Ceramic Association which has been working for years to protect and promote charity events for women and against all forms of violence.

In coincidence with Maters International Ceramic Festival 2018 in Cava de’ Tirreni in Italy, I’ve participated in campaign launched to raise awareness and collect funds for women victims of violence: “The White Flowers”. I produced a serie of white ceramic flowers which wishes to recall the submerged cracked memories.



“With the project “White flowers”, we intend to highlight that the fil rouge between the ceramic material, the flower and women is the Shakespeare quote : “fragility, thy name is woman”.
Fragility is the tendency of some materials to break abruptly without deformation and yielding. This is a very important concept in the field of ceramics because it is the most critical of this material, as ductile and malleable in his clay state as hard and fragile after cooking.
The same ceramic has to be considered a very resistant materials, being utilized both in domestic and professional purposes , for the building of objects and components that require great strength and hardness.
The same binomial we find in the woman, mother and increasingly active in political and economic fieldslife; but still today often a victim of violence.
The proceeds will be devolved to an association founded to provide a security service to women victims of violence and their children with the aim to avoid the renewala of atrocious news.”