At Studiofango we give art classes!

Ceramic modeling lessons

Would you like to create an artistic object, a little sculpture of an animal, a ceramic flower… or would you like to make a personalized mug or an ash-tray? Here you can because each lesson is developed around your needs!

You will choose the best technique for your project and you will be personally followed along the making. A variety of possibilities will be presented for you to decide which one is the best your creativity! 

You will constantly be pushed toward the world of imagination and freedom of expression.

With the traditional tool you will enjoy the simplicity of the process in a friendly environment where you can be your self and be able to make any art you want!

Each lesson costs 35 euro, it lasts one and a half hour. The artworks will need about a week to be fired, then they can be picked up or can be shipped. (Shipping price is not included, but it is too expensive within the EU). Two lessons are needed if you would like your artwork to be a table ware. We offer a pack of 4 lessons for 100 euro!

The Tile Painting Workshop with a water based ceramic technique, provides the students with the possibility of painting a tile in the typical blue and white colours. The tile instead of having to “cook” overnight as it would be with the traditional technique, is going to be ready in 40 minutes. 

The blue is still a beautiful glossy cobalt that adult and children can experiment easily. 

During the workshop the students will learn about the history of tile and of pigments and the best technique for painting, while expressing their imagination and favorite composition. The value for this workshop is 40 euro p/person.

Drawing lessons

All you need is a pencil and we will set you up for journey in different dimensions!

The drawing lessons are made for you to design new worlds and new creatures.

In order to do so you will learn the foundations of drawings: lines, strokes and doodles will make you understand how to build characters and landscapes, portraits and volumes. The skill of drawing is useful in all kind of circumstances, from sketching your ideas, to taking notes, to unroll the graphic novel you always imagined.

Being able to resemble reality and imagination on paper is not magic, but a very specific skill that everyone can learn with no effort, but lots of fun!

The drawing lessons price is 20 euro, 6 lessons for 100 euro and you just need to bring your sketch book!

More info

Maximum number of participants: 8 people

All of our activities are recommended for everyone, different level of expertise are welcome as we believe that each one teach one!

Minimum age: 6 years old, smaller children need to bring at list one of their parents

The lessons are available in well spoken English, Portuguese and Italian

Comfort drinks included


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