About Us

Studiofango is an art studio based in Lisbon.

In Studiofango we create unique ceramic, exclusive interior design products and graphic illustrations.

We process ideas and materials in order to provide you with beautiful objects and images with meaning, concepts and values.

Traditional techniques and ancient tradition are the foundations for our handcraft process.

Graphic novel, motion graphic and graphic design are the subjects at the heart of our illustrations.

CONTACT US if you need hand made ceramic objects, astonishing works of art, unique illustration and graphics for your project.

A professional artist will bring materials to life for you!

Chira. Artist and producer


Born in 1988 I graduated in painting in the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. Among other exhibitions in 2014 I displayed my works at the O. Licini Art Gallery in Ascoli. In 2015 at the Independent Art Biennial in Liverpool, at the ParallaxArt Fair of London and at Folli 50.0 in Milan. In 2016 I had a solo exhibition in the Laboratory 41 Art Gallery, in Macerata, my native town in central Italy. In 2017 I participated at Paratissima Lisboa with two permanent site specific and permanent tile’s panels. I also received an honorable mention at the Ceramic Biennial in the Museum of Ceramic in Sacavèm, Portugal. With my illustrations I collaborate with artists and professionals around the world on several projects for a wide audience of adult and kids. I have recently exhibited at the Omero Tactile Museum in Ancona, Italy.

I’m the head of Studiofango in Lisbon.