NON OBJECTS are sculptures, pieces that express the relationship of mud with forms.


The title Uncommunicable underlines the lack of water, it represents the impossible passage of an absent element. These sculpture metaphorically comes from a symbolic archeology, as if they were discoveries found in a post-modern world, which looking for water, in the spiritual meaning of the element, only finds pipes, passages impossible to assemble. The scraped surface in which glazes reside has an epidermic and carnal aspect. The vivid red and black colors are partially enveloping volumes and are suggesting an industrial esthetic although is applied to primitive, elementary forms, almost archetypical.

This artwork is composed by fifteen stoneware cylinders of various dimensions, they are glazed and fired in oxidant atmosphere in electric kiln. The biggest object measures approximatively 10x30x30cm.




Stoneware, glaze, pigment, oxides, raku firing.